Head of the research group O.E. Glukhovа introduced open software project KVAZAR week at the International Laser Technology

Within the framework of international events held annually by the Center of laser technologies in Spain (AIMEN - Asociación de Investigación Metalúrgica del Noroeste, Mr. porins, Spain) - International Week of laser technologies (9-13 November 2015), introduced the first outdoor O.E.Gluhova software project of the Russian Federation - KVAZAR, as a finished product for the scientific and technological research and experimentation.
Presentation software package KVAZARbylo held during the exhibition of new technologies and products focused on advanced technological innovations. This complex is designed in SSU was represented on a par with advanced development in the field of solar panels, composite materials, laser welding technology and others. Working groups on the preparation of future international projects under the direction of HORIZON were formed The outcome of the International Week of laser technology. In particular, one of the areas of application of the presented project KVAZAR was named the direction of new technological solutions in the design of a new class of solar cells using protein compounds with metals. One of the partner organizations was the International Institute of Solar Energy (Germany).

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