Professor O. E. Glukhova-laureate of The national award "Professor of the year»

From March 27 to June 7, 2018, the Russian professorial Assembly held a series of national award ceremonies "Professor of the year" for outstanding scientific results in the field of education and science. The ceremonies were held in 15 nominations in 17 leading universities of Russia.

The all-Russian public organization "Russian professorial Assembly" is an organization of Federal importance, uniting leading scientists and teachers of the country with a world name. The objectives of the Russian professorial meeting are the development of Russian science and education, the formation of professional and public opinion, including constructive proposals on the main directions of development of science and higher education, political, economic and social transformations in the country, value orientations of students and scientific youth, the creation of a network structure that unites professors from various fields of knowledge for regular communication and consultation on various issues, to protect the legitimate interests of the scientific and pedagogical community. Currently, the regional branches of the Russian professorial Assembly are already working in more than forty regions of the Russian Federation.

Award of the Russian Assembly of the Professor's "Professor of the year" for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of education and science established the Russian Assembly of professors in order to maintain and further develop the scientific potential of the Russian science and education, promotion of scientific and technological development and promotion of outstanding scientific and pedagogical employees of scientific or educational organizations. In accordance with the regulations, the award applicants may be citizens of the Russian Federation with a degree of doctor of science and/or academic title of Professor, scientific or scientific-pedagogical experience of at least 15 years and outstanding scientific results in the field of education and science, as well as working at least 3 years prior to the award, in scientific organizations or educational organizations located in the territory of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

The award ceremony Of the national prize "Professor of the year" in the Volga Federal district was held within the framework of the interregional scientific and practical conference "Actual issues of certification of scientific and pedagogical personnel: problems and prospects" at the national research Nizhny Novgorod state University named after N. And. Lobachevsky. The conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of education and science, the Presidium of the Higher attestation Commission of the Ministry of education and science, RAS, RAO and the Russian professorial Assembly, heads of higher educational institutions, teaching staff of more than 20 higher education organizations and scientific organizations of Russia in the Volga Federal district. In total, 11 doctors of Sciences were awarded the prize. Among the winners-head of the Department of radio engineering and electrodynamics, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, Professor Olga E. Glukhova.

Professor O. E. Glukhova annually gives invited lectures and reports at major scientific forums, presenting intellectual developments and research results of Saratov University. As a visiting Professor, Olga Evgenievna gave lectures on the physics of carbon nanostructures at the national universities of Taiwan (2011, 2014), the Institute of high performance computing of Singapore and Nanyang technological University of Singapore (2012, 2014), the technological University of Hamburg (Germany, 2012), the University of Aalto (Finland 2011), the center for laser technology (Spain, 2015). As a member of the organizing Committee, as well as Chairman/co-Chairman of scientific sessions O. E. Glukhova has participated in such scientific events as the 15th International Conference on Advances in Materials & Processing Technologies (Australia, 2012), The International Research Seminar "Carbon Nanomaterials for Future Applications" (Skolokovo, Russia, 2016), International Congress and Expo on Condensed Matter Physics (Spain, 2017), the 5th International Conference on Nanotechnology and Materials Science (United Arab Emirates, 2017), the 2nd International conference on Nanotechnology and Materials conference on catalysis and chemical engineering (France, 2018). Under the leadership of O. E. Glukhova successfully completed research projects within the framework of the state task of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, grants of the Federal target program "Scientific and pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia for 2009-2013", the Russian Foundation for basic research, as well as contractual works. Students of Professor O. E. Glukhova at different times became winners of competitions of projects of fundamental scientific research carried out by young scientists "My first grant" RFBR; holders of scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation to young scientists and graduate students engaged in promising research and development in priority areas of modernization of the Russian economy; holders of the grant of the Fund for the promotion of small enterprises in the scientific and technical field "UMNIK" ; holders of Scholarships of the President, the Government of the Russian Federation, received by students and postgraduates for success in scientific and educational activities; the winner of the scholarships of the dynasty Foundation for senior physics students in the framework of the scholarship program with the assistance of the international center for fundamental physics in Moscow, the winner of the youth prize named after P. A. Stolypin.



In the photo:
1-Greeting of the Minister of education and science O. Vasilyeva to the participants of the National award "Professor of the year".
2-Professor O. E. Glukhova with students.

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