The results of research of scientific team by O.E. Glukhova are published in top journal

Journal of Physical Chemistry C (ACS publishing) published the results of scientific research by professor O.E. Glukhova.

The work "Electronic Properties of the Functionalized Porous Glass-like Carbon" is devoted to theoretical prediction of electron and emission properties of new allotropic form of glass-like carbon. A new allotropic modification of glass-like carbon was proposed and its atomistic model was built on the basis of natural experiment data. The subject of scientific interest of researchers was to study the effect of potassium and oxygen functionalization on the electronic structure and emissivity of glass-like carbon material.

The source of new fundamental knowledge in the field of nanoelectronics was data of the numerical experiment conducted by scientists by means of their own intellectual development - the open-source software product KVAZAR well-known both in Russia and abroad. The effective  technology for reduction of the glass-like carbon work function has been proposed by researchers on the basis of the obtained results due to the choice of the desired concentration of potassium atoms.

This scientific research was carried out in the framework of a new scientific direction by team of Professor O.E. Glukhova - "Development of many tip cathodes  based on new composite carbon materials for high-current electron guns of microwave devices." This direction is being implemented in cooperation with NPP "Diamond".

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