The break of chiral torus during 100 ps.

This video shows the dynamics of chiral nanotorus after bonds breaking. During the first 30 ps in the structure of the object three areas were allocated that are very different in shape: the central portion that have a shape of an arc and the two edge portions with a shape close to a straight line. Transition regions between the portions formed bends that practically didn’t change the shape, like the wave propagating from the edge toward the center of the object at a rate of ~ 200 m/s. After ~ 30 ps strain wave reached the center of the structure and formed a complex bending shape, in the edges of which two almost straight portion of the object at an angle to each other were arranged. At the end of ~ 60 ps ​​the central portion of the object straightened, then the structure making undulating movements gradually took the form of a non-deformed nanotubes. After breaking the bonds torus straightened into a tube for 100 ps.

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