Research area

Activities of the department within the priority areas of science, technologies and engineering and critical technologies of the Russian Federation:

Direction "Industry of Nanosystems"

  • The virtual system of development and testing of electronic devices using nanostructured basic elements with application of parallel multiscale information technology implemented on the platform Nvidia CUDA and multiprocessor computer systems.
  • Simulation of technologies for the synthesis and prediction of properties of new multifunctional materials for biosensors and bioelectronics devices.

The direction of "Life Sciences"

  • Virtual manipulation the molecular biological systems at the atomic and molecular-cellular level.
  • Fundamental medicine.

Critical technology "Technologies and software for distributed high-performance computing systems"

  • Application, implementation and development of advanced science-intensive computer technologies of world-class CAD/CAE, FEA into the education process, research, engineering activities.

Fields of Scientific Research:

  • Mechanics of nanosystems (mechanical properties and strength of defectless, defective and modified nanostructures, biological nanostructures and nanomaterials);
  • Nanoelectronics of nanostructures (electronic structure and emission properties, electronic conductivity, thermal conductivity);
  • Bioelectronics of nanosystems (biosensors using carbon nanostructure with modified surface, modeling of synthesis and functionalization of nanostructures and nanomaterials, mathematical modeling of nanodevices).

Methods of Modeling:

  • Molecular dynamics;
  • Hybrid method "Quantum / molecular mechanical model";
  • Molecular mechanical methods (REBO, AIREBO, AMBER, MARTINI);
  • Quantum-chemical method of tight binding (SCC-DFTB, DFT);
  • Finite element method.
Predictive multiscale modeling in life sciences and sphere of high technologies