Software generator for atomic grids of chiral and achiral carbon tubular nanoclusters " Nanotubemaker»

The program generator of atomic grids of chiral and akiral carbon tubular nanoclusters "Nanotubemaker", developed by the head of the Department O. E. Glukhova and lead programmer M. M. Slepchenkov, is registered in the Register of computer programs (Certificate for the computer program no. 2019661627). The program was developed as part of a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for young candidates of science.

The "Nanotubemaker" program is designed for automated construction of the atomic structure of carbon tubular nanoclusters. The program allows you to create atomistic models of carbon tubular nanoclusters of various topological types: chiral (spiral), akiral (straight) "zigzag" (zigzag) and akiral "chair" (armchair). Generating the atomic grid of tubular nanoclusters is performed using an original developed three-parameter method that allows for the curvature of the surface and allows for the existence of several different bond lengths in the frame.


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