New article of the research team of Professor O.E. Glukhova caused a keen interest in scientific circles

In the February issue of the journal "Coatings" published an article by the head of the department of radio engineering and electrodynamics, Professor O.E. Glukhova and associate professor of the department M.M. Slepchenkov "Mechanical and Electroconductive Properties of Mono- and Bilayer Graphene – Carbon Nanotube Films".

Immediately after the release of the article caused a keen interest among readers from different parts of the world. The website of the publishing house MDPI - Publisher of Open Access Journals provides interesting statistics on downloads and viewing of the article, as well as the geography of the countries of those viewing the article. Only in the first two weeks of its appearance on the Coatings magazine information portal, the article collected 265 views and 165 downloads. There are representatives of the United States of America and Canada, a number of European countries, India and China among those who wish to familiarize themselves with the content of the article.

Such an interest in the authors of this article is not accidental. New work of the research team of Professor O.E. Glukhova is devoted to the study of electrical conductivity and the deformation behavior of composite films of graphene-carbon nanotubes (CNT) under bending and stretching using computer simulation methods. As part of the study, a new structural modification of graphene-CNT hybrid structures with nanotubes horizontally located between the graphene sheets and the covalent bonds connected with it is considered. For the structures under study, the authors identified patterns of deformation behavior depending on the direction of the applied deformation and determined the limits of strength. For the first time, for the films of this dip, a numerical analysis of the distribution of local stresses of the atomic network of deformed structures was carried out using a unique author's technique and critical values ​​of the stresses at which the covalet bonds between atoms occur break down.

It is shown that during deformation, the high electrically conductive properties of graphene-CNT films are preserved. The influence of the layer foliation factor of films on their strength and conductive properties was studied. Previously, the research team of Professor O.E. Glukhova already studied the electronic and optical properties of graphene-CNT composite films. The results of this research are published in the journals Carbon (Impact Factor 7.082) and Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology (Impact Factor 3.12).
Imprint article: Michael M. Slepchenkov and Olga E. Glukhova. Mechanical and Electroconductive Properties of Mono- and Bilayer Graphene–Carbon Nanotube Films // Coatings. 2019. Vol. 9(2). P. 74.


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