Department staff obtained a patent for an invention

A patent for invention No.2019129596 / 28 was obtained for the scientific development of the department of the mathematical department "Method for detecting terahertz electromagnetic radiation". The inventors are the head of the Department of Mathematical Modeling, Ph.D., Olga E. Glukhova, programmer of the Department of Mathematical Modeling, Ph.D., Vladislav Viktorovich Shunaev, Leading Programmer of the Department of Mathematical Modeling, Ph.D. Ph.D., Mikhail Mikhailovich Slepchenkov.

Scientific team O.E. Glukhova proposed a new method for detecting terahertz electromagnetic radiation. The invention consists in the following. The endohedral complex A + @ Cx (A + is the ion of an alkali metal atom, Cx is one of the endohedral fullerenes - C36, C60, or C80) is located in the field of the holding potential of a single-walled carbon nanotube and the C60 fullerene trimer in contact with the walls of the tube by covalent bonds. This complex makes displacements in the space of a nanotube having the character of vibrations. In this case, the charge from the nanotube partially flows to A + @ C60 during their interaction. When exposed to an electromagnetic field, A + @ C60 begins to oscillate in a potential well with a larger amplitude, which leads to an increase in the flowing charge from the tube to fullerene. Thus, the hole conductivity of a nanotube increases (the concentration of charge carriers increases). The current surge is recorded, respectively, by an external device.

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