The publication of the staff of the department of mathematical modeling is in the collection "TOP 5 Contributions in Materials Science" of the German publisher Avid Science

The German publisher Avid Science publishes thematic e-books, the contents of which are advanced scientific publications published earlier in open access rating journals. For each thematic issue of the book, the publishing house selects the 5 most promising scientific works from their point of view, which have great potential for the development of the chosen field of scientific knowledge. The work “High-Density Hydrogen Storage in a 2D-Matrix from Graphene Nanoblisters: A Prospective Nanomaterial for Environmentally Friendly Technologies” by the scientific team of Professor O.E. Glukhova was selected for the new issue of the TOP 5 Contributions in Materials Science theme series. This work was published in 2018 in the Crystals magazine of the MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) and has already collected over 1000 readings on the publisher's website. The article is devoted to studying the prospects of using a new nanomaterial - a 2D matrix of nanoscale cells in the form of a multilayer graphene substrate and a blister from a graphene monolayer - to create new generation fuel cells. The results published in the article were obtained as part of a project supported by the Grants Council of the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young Russian scientists.

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Predictive multiscale modeling in life sciences and sphere of high technologies