Professor O.E. Glukhova visited the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology with a working visit

At the end of April, the head of the department of mathematical modeling, Ph.D., Professor O.E. Glukhova visited the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET) to discuss joint scientific work. Scientific team of Professor O.E. Deaf works with representatives of MIET over the past five years. During this time, the joint efforts of the research group of Professor O.E. Deaf and scientific team of Professor S.V. Selishchev grants of the Federal Target Program “Research and Development in the Priority Directions of Development of the Scientific and Technological Complex of Russia for 2014–2020” No. 14.578.21.0221, No. 14.578.21.0234, No. 14.575.21.0089, No. 14.578.21.0234 were carried out. The topics of joint research carried out by the teams of SSU and MIET within the framework of the federal program grants are related to the research and development of 3-D nanocomposite bioconstructions using laser printing technologies. During the current visit of Professor O.E. Glukhova hosted a scientific seminar, which was attended by employees of the Institute of Biomedical Systems and the Scientific and Production Complex (NPK) "Technological Center" MIET. NPK "Technology Center" is the only state scientific center in Russia where complex research and development is carried out in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics, micro- and nanosystem technology and special-purpose devices based on them. The seminar discussed the problem of creating a new composite nanomaterial based on graphene-nanotube structures for supercapacitors of a new generation. Scientific group of professor O.E. Deaf is engaged in quantum calculations of the electrophysical and electron-energy characteristics of new composite materials based on graphene and carbon nanotubes. SGU scientists first studied the transport properties and regularities of electrical conductivity in film and 3D structures of column graphene using the original method of accurate calculation of specific conductivity using a small number of k-space points of the first Brillouin zone.

On photo O.E. Glukhova with the staff of Scientific and Technological Center "Technological Center" MIET




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