Professor O.E. Glukhova was awarded an honorary diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federatio has awarded Professor Olga E. Glukhova by diploma for many years of fruitful work on the development and improvement of the educational process, significant contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists. Professor O.E. Glukhova prepared three candidates of sciences and currently she supervises five PhD students of the Saratov State University. 62 diploma works were defended under the guidance of Olga E. Glukhova. More than half of these works received the highest rating of the state attestation commission.  The basic educational programs in areas of training bachelors 03.03.03 "Radiophysics" and 11.03.03 "Design and technology of electronic facilities" were developed and implemented in the educational process of Saratov State University. O.E. Glukhova developed new cycles of disciplines about electronics based on carbon nanostructures. As a lecturer, Professor Glukhova repeatedly gave lectures at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia) in the framework of the International Winter School on Theoretical Physics, where she was recognized as the best lecturer and also leading foreign universities - Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan), National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan), Aalto University (Finland), Chapman University (USA). Materials of lectures given by O.E. Glukhova in Dubna in the framework of the International School on Theoretical Physics were translated into English and used in educational process of Kumamoto University (Japan).

Predictive multiscale modeling in life sciences and sphere of high technologies