A scientific breakthrough of team by head of Professor O.E. Glukhova in fundamental medicine

Article of research team by head of Doctor in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor O.E. Glukhova is published in one of the top-rated international scientific journals "Journal of Physical Chemistry B" of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The journal "Journal of Physical Chemistry B" illuminates the results of advanced research in the field of biophysics and biomaterials. Impact factor of publications over the past year amounted to 3.37 according to the authoritative database of Science Citation «Web of Science» by company of Thomson Reuters.
The work "Simulation of High Density Lipoprotein Behavior on a Few Layer Graphene Undergoing Non-Uniform Mechanical Load" is devoted to the numerical modeling of the behavior of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the multi-layer graphene under the influence of non-uniform mechanical load. Identified in the study of the behavior of lipoprotein under external mechanical influences it possible to understand the ability of lipoprotein transformed to pass through narrow channels in which quality can be considered the gap between the inner surface of the endothelial cells of the vessel. Thus, the results of this work will not only gain new knowledge about the interaction of HDL with carbon nanostructures, but also to answer some questions about the penetration of lipoproteins into the intima of the arteries through the cracks between the endothelial cells. This work was performed as part of the initiative research "Molecular modeling in basic medicine and biosensors", implemented by employees of the department of mathematical modeling in close collaboration with the doctor in medical sciences, senior researcher of department of mathematical modeling Maslyakova Galina Nikiforovna. Established new patterns of behavior of HDL under mechanical load will serve as a fundamental basis for solving the problem of atherosclerosis.

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Predictive multiscale modeling in life sciences and sphere of high technologies