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In order to download any files of “Multiprocessor software and information complex simulations of molecular systems for supercomputers «KVAZAR»”, you should fill out a license agreement, and email it to the address therein. An account will be then created on this web page, which gives you access to the published sets. The license covers not only the person filling it out, but also the members of his/her group, therefore, it should be always filled out by the group leader or by the supervisor. It only covers the usage for non-profit, academic and educational research. For commercial usage please contact us directly.

Follow this link to read and fill out the license agreement for the download of «KVAZAR».

Terms and conditions to obtain a copy of «KVAZAR»


In the following the term "authors" refers to Olga E. Glukhova and George V. Savostianov. The term "program" shall mean the copyrighted «KVAZAR» package (in source, object and executable form). This license covers the use of «KVAZAR» for academic, educational and non-profit research, other uses may be arranged individually by discussion with the authors.

Mandatory terms and conditions

I request a copy of «KVAZAR» package and therefore agree to the following terms and conditions to use the program and to have access to the source code:

  1. All title, ownership and rights to the program or to any copies of it remain with the authors, regardless of the ownership of the media on which the program is used or installed.
  2. I will not provide a copy of the program in any way to anyone for any reason whatsoever. I may make copies of the code but only for backup purposes, or to use it on any of my group's computer resources. I will refer any request for copies of the program to the authors. Anyone directly associated with my research group is covered by the license and may share my copy of the program on all of my group's computer resources as long as they agree to the mandatory terms and conditions.
  3. I will not incorporate any part of the program into any other computer code or program system without written permission of the authors.
  4. The program and any documentation is supplied on an as is basis without any warranty, and thus with no additional responsibility or liability. I understand that support for running the program can not be provided in general, except on the basis of a joint project between the code authors and the research partner.
  5. It is obvious that modifications of the program can lead to problems where the authors may not be able to help. It is encouraged that I report any difficulties encountered in the use of standard versions of the program, which I have not modified, to the authors.
  6. Users are encouraged to report useful modifications to programs to the authors. I agree that any reported modifications could be incorporated into the program, potentially with further modifications. I certify that I am entitled to, and bear responsibility for contributing these modifications to the program and that they will be covered by this license once incorporated. The contributed modifications are non-exclusively for use in the program, so that my rights to use the original modifications I have contributed for other purposes are not affected.
  7. In any publication derived from use of the program, I will make references to relevant papers about the program «KVAZAR». The manual of the program contains the list of the papers to consider for citation.

I agree to the terms and conditions

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I have read the terms and conditions and declare to abide by all of them.

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