Orientation of phospholipid molecules corrugated graphene sheet new

Graphene-DNA molecular complex

Nanoindentation of graphene-phospholipid molecular complex using single-walled carbon nanotube

Atomistic model of nanoemitter based on carbon nanotube with encapsulated fullerenes

T-junction CNTs

Equivalent T-connection for a three-terminal device

Protein matrix

Nanowelding of CNTs

Last news:

The leading Internet media of the Russian Federation prepared press releases on the results of research by the research team of professor O.E. Glukhova

A number of leading Internet media of the Russian Federation, including the information portals "Scientific Russia", "InScience.News" and "NanoNewsNet.ru", issued press releases reporting the results of in sillico studies of the behavior of graphene-nanotube compounds in strong electric fields, obtained by scientific by the team of professor O.E. Glukhova.

The Beginning of Cooperation between the Scientific Groups of Professor O.E.Glukhova and Dr. Haifei Zhan

The journal Nanomaterials published the results of the study of the torsion properties of carbon nanotube bundles by the AIREBO method in the LAMMPS software package. The study was performed in collaboration with members of the research team of Dr. Haifei Zhang (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China).


Modeling of process hydrogenation of graphene

Model of emitter of electromagnetic waves GHz / THz frequency range in carbon nanostructures
Predictive multiscale modeling in life sciences and sphere of high technologies