Sayapin Kirill A.


Engineer of radio engineering and electrodynamics department

Research Interests

  • Microwave engineering
  • Computer simulation
  • Optimization method


  • 2013 – A high school diploma;
  • 2017 – A  higher education diploma on training direction  "Radio Physics", Department of Radio Engineering and electrodynamics, Faculty of Physics, Saratov State University 

Date of birth: 26.07.1995

Work phone: +7 (8452) 51 - 45 - 62



Main publication

  • Ten G.N., Sayapin K.A., Krivda I.V., Baranov V.I. Effect of hydrogen bonding on the structure of the molecule used as the rod of the molecular switch // IVTN-2017
  • Ten G.N., Sayapin K.A., Utkin I.S., Baranov V.I. Electronic absorption spectrum of the structural element of the molecular switch M. Reed and D. Tura// IVTN-2017
  • Ten G.N., Krivda I.V., Sayapin K.A., Baranov V.I. Electronic spectra of oxygen functionalized nanotubes // IVTN-2017
Predictive multiscale modeling in life sciences and sphere of high technologies